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Health Coach Parker

Certified WILDFIT coach

"Wildfit improved my mindset more that my mindset could have improved my body"
- Harri Parker
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Meet Harri Parker

WildFit Coach

Becoming a coach has allowed me to embrace my true nature. I have always tried to help others, however now I have the knowledge and the tools to do it effectively and so that the results are transformative.

Now as I have taken clients through the 90day challenge I see that my decision to be a coach was right, the success stories are so inspiring.

I help people see that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and yet can be very enjoyable. I hadn’t cooked before WILDFIT and now I enjoy it immensely. Moreover, a busy life schedule is not an obstacle but just another side of our lives, for me time hasn’t been an issue anymore since I have so much more energy.

Also I am a mechanical engineer which has taught me to be detail oriented and that everything has a solution. Besides that I started winter swimming and enjoy walking in nature.

Why Naturopathy

Why work with a WILDFIT coach?

It can help with

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Increase your chances for success

By working with a Certified WILDFIT Coach, you’re going to be motivated to keep on track and meet your goals. They’ll be your biggest cheerleader, your unwavering beacon of support, and proud of every little achievement you make.

Having an accountability partner

An accountability partner is the best way to ensure you get big things done. By holding you accountable to your vision and reminding you of why you started, you’ll never lose sight of how far you’ve come and how close you are to embracing the WILDFIT lifestyle for good.

Optimizes your experience

Your overall WILDFIT experience will be next level. A Coach’s main purpose is to maintain your confidence, sustain your progress and encourage you to push for more. You’ve never been on a program like this before, let your Coach show you why.

Personalized experience

Whether you have food allergies, are a bit on the picky side or are maybe already doing a Keto diet or something along those lines, your Coach is dedicated to making sure your experience with WILDFIT is as personal of a fit as
possible. They become your friend, not just your mentor.

Access to WILDFIT tips, tricks and tools

One of the best parts of WILDFIT is our toolbelt of tips and tricks. Whether it’s recipes that cater to your taste buds or practices you can implement to guide you away from those pesky cravings, your Coach is equipped to educate you on how to handle any distractions that may come your way.

Dive deeper into WILDFIT?


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"I don't call myself overweight, so my idea of Wildfit wasn't about losing weight particularly. It was about getting to know my body, nutrition and health.

Wildfit is not a short term program, it's a change for life. 3 months has passed very quickly and it shows very clearly, that transformation is natural and in perfect pace."   - Marilyn


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Wildfit 14 day challenge

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Wildfit 90 day challenge


Private coaching


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