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Harri Parker

Hello, my name is Harri Parker! I'm a certified wildfit coach from Tallinn, Estonia. I hope that I can help you bring some enlightment in your journey towards a healthy lifrstyle. Please check out what I can offer you, and please read my own story, on how my journey begun.

Health Coach

My Wildfit journey

My WILDFIT journey I wanted to improve my health starting in 2014 when I finished my Masters degree with Cum Laude and got to go Our country's president's reception. Sadly looking at the picture I realised I have let myself go out of hand. I still remembered that in High School I was quite fit and strong.


I tried exercise which was painful, as I never got to enjoy it. Then I was told that I should focus on the food, not the gym. After that I was able to let go some kilos however it was always up and down. As I never enjoyed restricting myself, I ended up binge eating a lot and gaining all the fat back.


In January 2020 Eric introduced WILDFIT, as I was constantly tired and sick of diets I was intrigued when he talked about freedom and amazing energy. So I started my journey with Try WILDFIT for 14 days on 20th January 2020. It was the best decision I had made. Within those two weeks I already made amazing shifts in my psychology and understood why He called it a lifestyle not a diet. After three months I had released 9kg and my body fat percentage was down 5%. Moreover, lockdown hit us during that time. I had never felt this kind of support before, as I did on this program from WILDFIT.


I was amazed How much it improved my body and mind. Everyone has their own journey. Mine led me to have a healthier body and thinking. I am happier than ever and finally was able to see the world in colour and not black and white like before. Moreover I learned to cook, I went into the challenge not knowing really how to cook and came out enjoying my time in the kitchen. What surprised me the most was how I started saving money by cooking myself and not ordering takeout every day.


One Year living WILDFIT my weight has stayed stable it shifts based on seasons however old swings are gone. I enjoy food more than ever and yet I am free from it.


I have had suicidal thoughts since 5th grade and how I am not needed in this world, Probably caused by being left out from groups in school and girls not wanting to dance with me. This lasted throughout the school years and probably led me to long term chronic depression and even thinking I have Asperger syndrome as I was so bad in communication. Before WILDFIT I was at rock bottom and I needed a change in my life. I wanted to make sure my body doesn’t give up as I still have people in my life. I needed to be there for them. During WILDFIT I discovered that so much is down to our thinking and with the tools WILDFIT gave me I was able to climb out of the hole and rocket into space. I was finally truly happy and becoming WILDFIT coach elevated that even further. WILDFIT Saved my life.

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